Sally & Michael

A Dancers Wedding at Worsley Marriot

This wedding was always going to be filled with a few moves on the dance floor because of the celebrity crowd but the couple were amongst the most down to earth, loveliest couples I have met and truly a perfect partnership.

Getting Ready Before The Church

It was a Sally’s mum’s house in rainy Manchester that bridal prep began. Amongst the bridesmaids, make up artists and the flowers  the walls were adorned with Sally and Michael the dancers. The dancers are partners and now they are going to be husband and wife. What a story. Sally & Michael have their own dance school and dance with those on Strictly Come Dancing and are a firm fixture on the tour. When I met the guys I asked if they were doing a routine for the first dance but they wanted this to simply be about them on their wedding day without too much glitz and glam and being married near home in their local church. I think think this makes them extra special! So after some champers, a lot of laughing and a quick fluffing of the dress Sally, Katja and the bridesmaids were ready for church.

Wedding Photography at The Worsley Marriot

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at a service. Neil, one of the best men, had the grand idea of pretending he and Jos had lost the rings; then there was the signing of the register. I like to do these kind of typical shots differently but these lot just took it to new level of showing off. In between the natural documentary photos outside there was time for a big photo of everyone before we went for a quick wander into the local meadow and then over the bridge. They loved this as all these places were important to them – especially ones with their dog Lana. As with all my couples I photographed their wedding portraits with a natural approach. There’s little posing or direction and after a while they just forgot I was there. We even got a lift from the wind for the perfect veil shot.

Photographing the Evening Dancing

And so onto the wedding breakfast, speeches and party. The room was beautifully opulent with pinks, reds and oranges and a nod to dancing in the corner with two glitzily dressed mannequins. The speeches were hilarious, Michael literally bent over backwards with a few of the dancing stars sending their thoughts over video link it was truly celebrity and global but it always felt personal and simply about a great group of family and friends. Come the first dance, and as they said, Sally and Michael graced the floor in a beautiful way; no routine just being together happy and high. When family and friends joined them, though, it didn’t take the band long to say they were the best they’d seen. What do you expect when they’ve glided on the Strictly Come Dancing floor!  What a fantastic day!

looking out together over the water
dancing on the bridge
together on the bridge