Natalie & Joe

A Cheshire Wedding at Styal Lodge

Styal Wedding Lodge is a family-run, bespoke wedding venue set in the peaceful National Trust village of Styal, in the beautiful Cheshire countryside – a perfect photography venue as the bridal preparations, wedding ceremony and wedding reception are all so close together.

A Cheshire Wedding at Styal Lodge

As a documentary wedding photographer, bridal preparations are the perfect time to capture the excitement of a wedding day. At Styal Lodge the bridal suite is next door to the ceremony room, so this made those emotions even more intense; as Natalie appeared in her beautiful wedding dress, it was all the more poignant knowing it was only next door where she would be married. Meanwhile, Joe was attending to the groomsmen and the button holes in the nearby Styal Lodge golf club bar, and after a few group photos of the groomsmen, he was soon with Becky & Tricia, the cheerful Cheshire East Registrars, in the ceremony room – just one door away from his bride!

Bride and Groom Portraits

As Joe placed the ring on Natalie’s finger, the wedding guests cheered and the registrar gave them a big hug. Such spontaneous natural moments are a pleasure to capture! The joyfulness continued with a colourful confetti shower and heartfelt congratulations from all the guests. Joe and Natalie took some time away from the crowds just walking, chatting and being together near the Lake on Styal Golf Club and the Styal Lodge gardens. I like to capture portraits of the bride and groom in a very natural way without overly posing couples. Forgetting I was there, they shared some beautiful moments created images that I think convey how much they love each other; naturally and without feeling forced.

Wedding Reception at Styal Lodge

Spending just 20 minutes on the wedding portraits left more time for mingling with friends and family, and more opportunities to capture those spontaneous moments too. A big group photo had me on a ladder (much to everyone’s amusement and some choice heckling!) and a couple of close family photos that Natalie and Joe wanted it led to the speeches and wedding breakfast. A rowdy entrance by the bride and groom was followed by some wonderfully emotional speeches, and more mingling whist doing Guest Wishes, my modern-day twist on the wedding guest book.

The spaces at Styal Lodge work so well. While guests can pop outside, the party is right there with the wedding breakfast room and spacious dance floor combined; it feels like a big venue but is so intimate. And no more so than Natalie and Joe’s first dance together under the glitterball. Guests soon joined them and the party ensued. I had a brilliant time photographing wedding guests near and far and just simply having a ball.

walking down the road together
couple holding hands
face to face in the sunlight
kiss on a bridge
kiss before the wedding
couple cuddling on the bridge
together in the woods

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