The story of

Hayley & James

and their wedding photography at Wilde Lodge

Jimmy B called me and he was getting wed to Hayley. “I need your style for our day”, he said. “Not all that posing stuff, just a party in a field full of farmers”. “Ok!”, I said. So with a blank card, and canvas, it was off to Wilde Lodge in the middle of North Wales with a candid setting on the camera and in the mind. And what a cracker of a day it was.


Hayley & James’s day was all about catching the moment especially with a bunch of fantastically crazy kids, some Pimms, outdoor games and a field of wild horses nearby. “Never work with children and animals”, they say. The opposite has to be true. Contained by the lovely staff at Wilde Lodge the kids played out while the adults did very much the same.

And so to a few shots of Jimmy and Hayley. Natural wedding portraits shouldn’t be overly choreographed. Just a relaxed twenty minute wander is enough and that makes sure there’s more time with their family, friends. A quick wander in the farmers field of horses was enough to capture some spontaneous shots, especially when they decided to gallop in our directions. No brides or grooms – or photographers – were hurt in the making of this wedding!


There was no first dance today but just enough time for Jimmy, Hayley and their lovely little daughter to spend some time out as the sunset behind the hills. I just captured the story as it played out and let them enjoy the moment in this wonderful, “Wilde” place in Wales.

Gorgeous landscape at Wilde Lodge with the bride and groom and a tree breaking the sunset

What they said…

Andy’s natural photography style and friendly nature are what drew us to him at a wedding fair just over 3 years ago. His pictures are stunning and I’m still in awe for how many beautiful pictures he took on our wedding day. It was the hottest day of the year and Andy didn’t stop. Not only that, he was on hand to offer advice and felt more like a guest. We can’t thank him enough and is 100% our number 1 choice of photographer.

With many thanks to…


Food: Epic Caterers
Rings: Jacqueline & Edward
Decor Flowers: Rhos Organic
Bouquet & Button Hole Flowers: Flower Box
Hair: Philippa Torrence
Make Up: Rebecca May

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