Lauren & Phil

An Autumnal wedding at Eaves Hall

Lauren and Phil wanted a blend of natural, documentary style photography and choice portraits to take advantage of this exclusive wedding venue with it’s glorious building surrounded by beautiful gardens set amidst the stunning countryside of the Ribble Valley. And so it was! Being a regular wedding photographer at Eaves Hall I know where some fantastic photo opportunities lie and we started in The Lodge where Lauren was getting ready with her bridesmaids. I knew we were in for an emotional day as the bridesmaids hadn’t seen Eaves Hall in full and, as we walked up to the Georgian mansion, there were gasps of amazement as the day of Lauren and Phil’s wedding day became very real. The bridesmaids spotted other wedding guests and I was already feeling the perfect vide as their wedding photographer.

An Autumnal Wedding at Eaves Hall

So it was up to The Kemple and The Ribble Suite where Lauren and Phil were preparing for the wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids were keeping a tab on family and friends arriving and relaying that to the bride and groom in their respective rooms, so the excitement and nerves built. Then the bride and groom swapped letters. I loved capturing that with the camera! So emotional!  But it didn’t stop there. What a wonderful ceremony as the wedding congregation were getting giddy before the father of the bride walked the beautiful Lauren down the aisle with a few words as he went. Then out side for some confetti and a royal wave from the balcony before the wedding breakfast. As well as some emotional speeches there was a great laugh with a surprise game of Mr & Mrs organised by Kat & Georgie the bridesmaids. The whole day went from one energetic moment to the next; the perfect scenario for a wedding photographer. I even managed to get Lauren and Phil out for a couple of portraits as the autumnal sun set. I love the colours of the gardens at Eaves Hall and with so many angles to shoot from I can be a really creative with my photography whilst keeping it simple and using natural light.

Photographing the Evening Celebrations

Natural light turns more to the evening lights of Eaves Hall and with that the party, full of colour and energy, takes hold. Lauren and Phil enjoyed a parade of sparklers before it was time to cut the cake and go for the first dance – not before the father of the bride also enjoyed a dance with his daughter. The crowd were in such wonderful form, everyone really emotionally and taken by the whole wedding so it was at that point I sneaked Lauren and Phil out for a very quick off camera flash shot which showed them off in front of the beautiful Eaves Hall lit at night – just a wonderful touch to a perfect day before it was to join everyone again to party on into the night.

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wedding dress at the top of the stairs at lodge at eaves hall in clitheroe
designer hanger with brides name on and wedding date
bride and groom walk up the steps at eaves hall
bride and bridesmaid walk up to the eaves hall georgian mansion