An Engagement or Pre-wedding Shoot

Before the Big Day

My style of photography is very relaxed and candid; perfect for a pre-wedding shoot. 90% of the day is that way! Even my portrait sessions on the day are short and sweet. But even though they are short and more like a wander round the venue grounds some couples love the idea of a photo session before the day to get used to the camera. As well as that photo session I like to set up the odd creative shot in the evening. That can be just a 5 minute session to really explore the creative side of portrait photography with some flash, some colours and a dynamic composition. A pre-wedding shoot can work perfectly for either getting used to the lens or explore some creative image making!

A pre wedding shoot can be a place that you love or a new place you want to explore. You may have young children and want them to be part of it – or the dog! The are no rules but we will spend about half a day somewhere and go with the flow. 

We organise the day in advance of the wedding day. It is usually a mid week day when there’s not many folk around to disturb us as well as me being on wedding duty most weekends but I’m open to suggestions as well as knowing a few places myself. We can always shift it if the weather looks a bit dodgy unlike the wedding day itself.

Once we have the place and the date to suit you we’ll have a wander and get some natural portraits as well as tell a little sub chapter of your story together; the perfect pretext to the wedding day. It’s a story in its own right and you’ll be able to see and share them in the same gallery style that you’ll have for the big day.


Just let me know! I often feature pre-shoot highlights on my instagram, if you’d like to take a look…

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