Below are a few scenarios that look at the idea of natural photography and posed photography; of candid moments and posed, or staged moments. Have look at decide which area you feel more comfortable in. I’m totally flexible on my approach so you’ll never miss out on gorgeous portraits or feel uncomfortable with what I’m doing. I work everything out beforehand with my couples which means relaxed photography all day long.

We Would Like Natural Wedding Photography

The most common answer that I get from a couple when I ask what style of photography they’d like on their day, is that it should be natural. I love that. Spontaneous, unposed photos which capture the real emotion and story of the day. If there’s not a single ‘posed’ photo to be had then that works for me.

We Would Like Some Posed Photos

I also Iove to create bride and groom portraits that bring out the natural chemistry between a couple on their wedding day. Posed photos needn’t be awkward, cheesy or overly staged. Keeping it light and relaxed it can be as simple as going for a wander together and enjoying some space on their wedding day. Before they know it I’ve taken natural reactions to each other forgetting I was even there. Couples choose a special place to be on their day and simple wedding portraits with that special place as a backdrop can tell a beautiful story.

Wedding Portraits

Half of the time on a wedding day the couple are completely unaware that I am there. I make sure that they are not the focus the whole time. I focus on the other guests, the elements the bride and groom cannot see and the detail. But every now and then I like to take a single portrait, just a very quick snap shot of the bride, or groom, on their own. Quick, simple and beautiful.

Creating Special Wedding Photographs

I also love creating photos with couples, too. In choosing a place for the big day, there is usually a reason why. It may be the wider context like The Lake District and the fells; it may be the stately home and it’s beautiful building; it may be tipis and the festival vibe – and whatever it is – I love to create photos that will embody that place and that feeling. We share ideas beforehand, I work it out on the day and it is done in a really relaxed and efficient way. This kind of photo can happen spontaneously and still feel completely natural whilst creating something special together.