Non-Posey, Natural Portraits


Away from your friends and family for hours? Told to hold each other in weird ways? Multiple goes at cliched ideas? That’s not what I do. I will give you beautifully natural portraits on your wedding day that feel part of the day and portraits that tell of the truer connection between you both. And that part of the day usually lasts around 20 minutes. 

The bride throws her head back and laughs in a beautifully natural portrait

How do we do this? For really natural portraits, you just need to take time out to be together on your wedding day. Whether that’s going for a wander round the grounds, the landscape around you or just sitting on a bench that will be enough for me to capture the real you. You will have people around you all day so just 20 minutes is perfect just to soak up time together.

The bride and the groom share a natural embrace for an effortless portrait

What do you do? Just be yourselves and ignore me on the whole. The energy flowing between you both and your family and friends on your day will have you buzzing so I need little intervention. Maybe we stop here and there for a fab backdrop but on the whole I leave you alone and just join in with a bit of chat here and there.

The bride and groom share an intimate moment in the summer sunlight

Fancy exploring things a bit more? If we have our 20 mins you’ll have plenty of time to see your family and friends between the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Depending on the time of year I may have ordered you a fantastic sunset. If you want to take advantage we can pop out for another 15mins. If you’re outdoorsy and love the landscape like me then you’ll love a big beautiful shot at that time of day.

The bride and groom kiss in the silhouette of a stunning venue

Getting flash? You’ve chosen the most fantastic venue; there’s something you just love about it – or just love all of it!! We can create a signature shot to mark that; a cool and clever frame that only takes 5 minutes. I can create that unique shot but only if you fancy it. Maybe a little more set together but usually takes five minutes of fun more than anything else.

So, natural portraits on your wedding day?

I’d say that’s a max of 40 mins out of the whole day, feels like part fo the day and let’s you live the day to the full with family and friends. Let’s make it simple! Take a look ay my Instagram to see more of my natural photography style.

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