I love natural, documentary wedding photography; I love creative couples’ portraits; I love being with people and getting family shots with every one together on the day. These moments of 2019 have been chosen because they represent more than a single image, they tell stories.

In no particular order we have:

Leann & Mike

Natural, documentary wedding photography is about being an observer and not choreographing the people. The bridesmaid didn’t know I was on the stairs as she twirled in her dress. The wide view makes her seem more in her own – enjoyable! – world.

Jess & Phil

Love the colour and energy Jess & Phil put into their day. At The Venue in Halifax there were red brick walls and an industrial feel. This image celebrates no matter what type of venue it is, it’s people that make it.

Leanne & David

Such an intensely fantastic day full of the best energy. I love this because the groom’s emotion comes through. A lot of my couples enjoy not being posed too much, especially the grooms! So this shows how my couple portraits feel natural which brings out authentic emotions.

Nicola & Martin

This photo embodies my natural approach to wedding photography. I love letting people just be themselves in front of the camera. This is one from twenty to thirty frames as Nicola and her bridesmaids have a the best time at Eaves Hall. I never said a word.

Lisa & Dale

I love art and contemporary architecture. When you have a wedding at The Lowry it just inspires creativity.

Anna & Sean

Anna was such a wonderful, sparky person. Sean was the perfect counterfoil for that. This moment captures that chemistry.

Melissa & Liam

Looking for creative compositions is part of being a documentary wedding photographer. This composition arranged itself during the ceremony. ‘Thank The Lord’.

Amber & Dan

I love the Lake District and a wedding there for me is very special. What a ‘Surprise View’ this was and a special view for Amber and Dan on their day.

Nicola & Martin

It was really important for Nicola to have a photo of her and her grandad. Through a different angle the difference of age and time is accentuated as well as he was giving her hand a very big squeeze. You can picture their faces even though they are not in the frame.

Sarah & Claude

It’s ‘protocol’ not to photograph the signing of the register. Many registrars and vicars do not allow it. It’s a bit old hat if you ask me! “I’ll bring the dummy register and you can pose the couple as you wish”. Let’s be real. 

Grace & Seb

A very special photo for me. My cousin Grace  and her husband, Seb. They started singing on the bench and it was just lovely to watch. Moving back a touch made the image and gave them then their space to sing away.

Katherine & Lee

Family photos are important – the must haves. I let my couples decide which ones and Katherine and Lee typically just had the essential close family few. And how fantastically funny this capture was. Everyone tells their own story.

Natalie & Joe

Just one of those moments that can happen. Bit warm at the end of June and the fingers swells a tad so the ring needs an extra push. It’s just Joe’s perfect expression that tells you what’s going on.

Anna & Sean

To ‘bee’ or not to ‘bee’. Can you spot it?

Tia & David

You see the light as a wedding photographer. Then the light can just fall to show off the perfect moment. 

Holly & Mike

It’s not often you have a wedding on the winter solstice in a castle with the moon out…and it be 15 degrees at night. Trampling down into the dark grounds of Ripley Castle gave this shot and special moment for Holly & Mike.

Natalie & Joe

The first moment a bride sees her husband to be when walking down the aisle is such an important shot. That moment, that acknowledgment, that love is shown in the eyes. So sharp, bright and happy here.

Kayleigh & Stephen

Just the absolute peach timing of this just makes me smile. I spoke to Kayleigh and she said as she and her dad approached the doorway at Samlesbury Hall he said “how am I going to fit through there?”

Melissa & Liam

Family and history are an intrinsic part of a couple’s wedding day. So this photo of Meilssa’s mum and dad on their wall with Melissa about to put dress told the story of the family continuum and a point in their history.

Amber & Dan

Love the different angle for this shot!

Louise & Rob

Sometimes the grand view – the place where you are married – says it all.

Sally & Matt

Christmas in The Lake District. Romantic, wet and very wild. Sally and Matt’s day was testament to the fact that weather never makes or breaks a wedding it’s about people. And so the even in the rain it ended with a huge firework display. Crazy, explosive and beautiful. Kind of summed up the emotions, too.

Katherine & Lee

Letting Katherine and Lee have time alone during their portrait session I noticed this older man and woman look at them. They were so taken with them as if they were a married couple looking at a version of themselves years ago.

Michelle & Ryan

A beautiful but blustery day. No chance of confetti in the rain but it all came together in the end. A fitting finale.