One of the best aspects of a wedding photograph – indeed any photograph – is its ability to convey meaning; or it’s own story. In my profession there is a lot of discussion and conformity to what ‘style’ of image is ‘best’. Therefore we have trends. But an individual image, or moment, can transcend style and conformity to provide meaning in its own right – a deeper relevance to the viewer or those in the photo. It feels all the more real for that reason. I want my images to be much more than ‘trendy’. So these images I have chosen aren’t about my ‘best’ or my ‘favourite’, they are just moments that occurred and that I responded to and a few thoughts about each one.


Many moments but no favourites

Rachael and Kyle. No posing required. This looks just that but going for a few portraits we were messing about near the bank and hedge at Thornton Manor and as they did their own (wonderfully mad thing), bang, I framed them symmetrically in the landscape as they just seemed to be lost in themselves. Then, the geese from the lakeside flew over. The timing adds the accent of this being quite incidental and unposed.

Just wonderfully natural chemistry. There is many a discussion on what is natural and what is posed but if you have two people together you still have natural emotions and none more so than Faye and Liam.

Falcon Manor. I love this venue, especially because it has massive fluffy light shades. I wanted to create a platform where we could create something visually colourful. Once Millie and Tom, went to check out the evening room they came onto that platform and forgot I was hanging around on a ladder amongst some light shades somewhere. I knew they were having the best day!

I’m a big outdoor person. I love The Dales, The Lake District – anywhere out walking and being in the countryside. These guys, too. Sarah and Sam have been just about everywhere in the world (#jealous1 ;-)) and I love keeping in touch with them. On their day, this was their landscape. The idea that we are always on some kind of journey with much in front of us is also embedded in this frame. They are very much together on their journey.

Freddie and Lee made their day their own; completely. It was as care free and beautiful as much as it was carefully thought about; about the traditions of marriage and the way we go about life. Much chimed with me on that day and this photo represents the collective and considered thoughts of them and those around them. The photo, and the way they all raise their glasses together, seemed to be a real acknowledgement of true togetherness.

Haha, the lovely Stef and Ben at Eaves Hall. All four seasons in one day. Snow, rain, sun and wind. Veil shenanigans and the wind kind of blew them together here. It just summed up their wonderful togetherness.

Kirsten and Adam! What do you do when you get out of church after getting married? Selfie, of course! I managed to end up framing from their point of view. I like to think that this photo says, ‘this day is about us’…

The wind. The scourge of the veil! Makes for a spontaneous shot though. As if to prove it’s spontaneity, Anna’s veil decided to arrange itself in regular style path up the church wall. I just love Will’s helpless position – such a great husband Will! 😉 And Grandad hasn’t a clue.

I like to take a portrait of the bride on her own and of the groom on his own. It’s simple, classic and straightforward. In any photo like that, as the camera rolls, people turn their attention to things; naturally. Lauren just looked at her engagement ring and in that moment it seemed to opened up a whole set of feelings which became beautifully nuanced and pensive. It’s often that in ‘posed’ shots very natural moments occur; moments that become quite natural and tell a story. Wonderful.

In the middle of the frame and simply in the middle of having such a brilliant time. Loving the entertainment in front of them, Mike and Jannine both look out in different directions but with the same expression which has a beautiful balance. It kind of says they both have the same sense of humour..

Love this. Laura, Andy and I had just been for a ride in the car around Bartle Hall. After a high energy, and bumpy, ride in a (posh) old wagon, Andy put his head on Laura. Weddings are brilliant, highly charged and emotional occasions and he just seemed to take an impromptu (and loving) rest amongst it all.

Sally and Michael are professional dancers and have been partners professionally and personally for most of their lives. What I loved about this photo, and them, is that with such a glitzy and glamorous profession (adorning the Blackpool ballroom and dancing with the Strictly stars) their first dance was not about high flying routines and moves, it was simple and simply about them. It was wonderfully self-effacing and it enriches this photo and moment endlessly and shows what wonderful soulmates and people they are.

Claire and Mark were having a dance on their own. Hidden behind some flowers I happily shot away as they become completely enveloped in themselves. Fun, laughter, silliness (as Claire would agree ;-)). It all seems to be embedded in the colour and energy of this photo and a complete representation of themselves and their day.

Party time. I love a good party and love the energy. A lot of that is about peoples’ expression, the colour of the lights and the movement. This shot has that lovely energy but is showed by the lines, by the form of the photo. The shape of the arms and (his) hip all curve and compliment the drapes in the ceiling. I thought that was best in black and white for this one!

Slammers! Party! Brilliant! Weddings should be just people having a great time. That’s all in here – father of the bride an’ all! I just asked the barman at Eaves Hall if I could step into place for a bit. Now I know what it looks like!

Words cut from pages in a book. They were all jumbled up and left on the table until a shaft of light came from the candle lay across the word word ‘love’. It seemed so apt like this word represented the days’ overriding feelings but amongst more – that it was just one aspect of life. Stories and styles can often be revealed through the details.

The sea and walk on the beach at sunset. Madeleine and Daniel’s wedding in Fleetwood was full of sunshine and showers; a wonderfully free and easy day but still with a crazy Ceilidh and friends all out on the windy shoreline. With such a fantastic cocktail of emotion this wider view seemed to add more complexity to the day and is more contemplative, as I think they were at this moment.

Sheer party joy. Ace.

The wedding day is about a couple….and everyone else around them. But there are those moments such as the ceremony where is purely about them – connecting face to face. Intense. Katie and Matt shared that connection in this moment; quite deeply by the nature of their expressions. I think this works so well because they just seem right out there, isolated in their own space, and that gives this that real intensity.

Onwards and upwards. I love The Ribble Valley and as Ellie and Dan’s car zoomed off in the distance they gave me a wave. This moment makes me think how as these two go off after the wedding you get the feeling they are are going to be very much ok in the landscape of life!

Amongst a gap in (very) rainy summer’s day, on the bridge outside Sally & Michael’s local church, they had this romantic moment. If the wind can play around with things then sometimes it comes in at just the right point and direction. This moment was all about romance and things coming together. Luck, fate – whatever you want to call it – it worked so wonderfully.

I’ve been at many a wedding where the dogs have been brought along. I have two myself; they’re part of the family! So, I love this reaction from Laura’s when the dog minder brought them along to say hello!

It’s just that reaction. It tells you about that relationship between a bride and her friends. All those times and experiences seem to be released in this photo.

All about colour. Freddie and Lee filled the village hall with so much colour and personality it seemed best brought out over them through the colourful banners that ran overhead.

I love this photo of Becky and Brandon…well it’s not exactly of them. Just as their first dance comes to a close I saw one of Becky’s friends on the opposite side of the room. So taken by the emotion of the dance, she stares lovingly at them. Sometimes it’s other people at the wedding who show the emotion which acknowledges the love between the bride and groom.

And so Dad walks his daughter down the aisle. A seminal moment in a wedding ceremony; one which can be highly emotional. They can happen and build quite quickly and the shot is easier said than achieved. But this shot was remarkable because right in the middle dad decided to share a few private words his daughter and, not only did it slow down time, it loaded the whole procession with and extra degree of emotion. The photo then takes on a three way dynamic, rather than two and enriches the story even more.