Family & Group Wedding Photography


For 90% of your day I will be a like a social butterfly that just weaves in and out of the crowd capturing those little moments, those exchanges and the connections between you, your friends and your family. That’s about telling the authentic story of your day with all the emotion and energy that entails. Half of that time you wont even know I’m there. The other 10% of the day can include a little time out for some group wedding photography of your family and friends, making sure they feel relaxed and natural.

The groom is carried by the wedding party as the bride looks on confused

Family is very important to me. As much as I’m a documentary style wedding photographer I have a family group portrait from a visit to London a few years ago that sits on my desk. It’s a matter of record, of history and gives me a sense of place. All of us together at one time in one place… I’m a sentimental fool at heart!

The wedding party poses for photos but the daughter has her own ideas group wedding photography

But what I’m not is a photographer who insists that you need a set of predesignated set photos and keeps you there for ages doing so. Your day should not be taken over by a list of set photos because it’s ‘the done thing’. This is why you decide what photos, if any, these are.

Everyone holds hands with the elderly mother and her beautiful bouquet

In many ways your family and friends are together as one big ‘group’ on the day, so the stage is always set for me to just capture the candid moments. But to bring a few people together for a few shots does bring on it’s own natural context. If done in the right way people enjoy the lens on them for a little bit. People often react in their own way and that gives more magical moments of family and friends together in a perfectly natural way.

Group wedding photography of every guest at the wedding

So, group wedding photography on your day?

Just taking a little time out for some relaxed portraits of you and your family can cover off those shots you’d really like to have. Let’s make it simple! Take a look at my Instagram to see more of my natural photography style.

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