Covid-19 - How does this effect us with our planning?

In short, if you have your venue and registrar/church secured and want to chat about photography let’s chat asap. I’m offering deferrals on deposits if you are feeling the financial crunch due to Covid-19. Many, many couples are having to postpone and are, therefore, filling dates in 2021 and even 2022. I have a dedicated post to dealing with all industries and the effects of covid-19 here.

If you haven’t got your venue you may well feel like waiting until things settle down. Registrars in a particular may not be taking new bookings – depending on district – while they move hundreds and hundreds of couples to new dates. However, if you have a specific venue in mind it is worth enquiring and registering interest. You can still, with some venues, reserve dates even though they are dealing with a mass of postponements as well.

Any questions you have please do not hesitate to ask. I know many professionals across the wedding industry and can share their current experiences, too.

Me and my partner are not comfy in front of the camera. Must we pose?

Not if do not wish to. I can photograph all day without a single ‘posed’ photo. The portraits of you both are kept simple and as natural as possible; nothing cheesy and nothing awkward. Usually those portraits of you together are created by us going for a relaxing wander for twenty minutes or so and then me capturing shots as we go along. I may stop you for a composition in a certain spot but half of the time you’ll forget I’m there and the portraits will look perfectly natural. Sometimes I like to create a specific photo with flashes which I set up – but only if you want that. Even if I do it will be set up before we do it so that you can spend the maximum time with you guests. Otherwise I’ll just photograph the day as it happens. You decide.

How do we book you?

Firstly I have to be available on your day! After that it is a deposit of £350 that secures the day. That deposit is refundable for one month. Meantime, I will send you some paperwork and that will include a contract which has all the T&C’s in which we both sign when you’re 100% happy. You’ll also receive a summary of what is in your package.

Can we meet up?

Yes. I think it’s good to meet as you can ask all the questions you need to personally as well as show you the types of album I can produce. I’ll be around you for most of your wedding day so meeting up before the day is good. I’m a nice chap and very comfortable with people I’ve just met, so it’s not a problem if we don’t. A Skype call is a really good way of talking things through if we can’t arrange a meeting.

How many photos do we get?

For a 12 hour wedding I’ll shoot around 4000 frames. You get an edit of the very best of them – usually about 500. I work on your photos for weeks after the wedding lovingly crafting them so that they are properly edited. I do not just copy them to a disc for you to have.

Do we get the photos on a ‘disc’?

Yes, but now everything is moving to USB. You can have them on a disc if you wish but discs are gradually being made obsolete. Whatever the means you get your edited photos in full size/resolution and with no watermarks. The images are free for your personal use.

How long does it take to get our photos?

This is usually between eight and twelve weeks. In the autumn, after the peak of the summer it will be nearer the twelve week mark and if your wedding is in the earlier months of the year it will be nearer eight weeks. I offer a ‘fast-tracking’ service with my signature package which is four weeks.

Can we change our package?

Yes. In the months preceding the wedding we can change what’s in your package. It’s very flexible. If you change it and the cost changes, that’s fine. Balances are paid one month before the wedding and the package can be finalised any time before then. When it comes to the album you can change or upgrade at any point.

Can we have just photography and not an album?

Yes. We’ll just create a photography only package. You will still receive your photos on a USB and in full high resolution and you will have your own online web space for your photos to share with family and friends. They can log on, share and see your photos on any device.

Do we meet at the venue?

Ideally, yes. But it really doesn’t matter especially if I’ve worked at the venue before. If I haven’t I will get there early on the day or visit beforehand to get an idea of the layout, where the photo opportunities are and meet the staff. Natural, creative photography will happen whether I’ve been to a venue or not!

Can we have our photos in black and white?

When I edit your photos I make some of them black and white – generally about 40%. When it comes to your album you can have these in colour or have any colour ones in black and white. It’s quite open for change.

Do you do family group shots and how long does this take?

Yes. Most people would like a few photos of mum, dad and their close family as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I think they are quite important whilst not taking over the whole day. It takes about 15minutes to organise a photo of everyone and then about 3-5 minutes for each one after that providing everyone is available. You decide what those photos are if you want them. I do not want group shots to take over your day, so I don’t have a ‘list’ of my own . I capture most of those shots naturally anyway. I hear many stories of people who have been to weddings and were really bored and made to stand around for hours while the photographer goes through a repertoire of their own group photos. That’s not me!

How does the album part work?

A short while after you receive your photos I’ll send you your own album brochure. It will have all of the next steps in. Essentially, from you edit you will choose around a quarter of them and then I will produce a layout. We work on that until the layout is perfect. You get to choose what goes where and what stays and goes and then you choose covers and cases. Then it goes off to Italy to be hand made. It takes about 6 weeks to produce once it is sent off.

Is it just you photographing on the day?

Yes but you can have another photographer if you wish. I like to keep it simple and the style consistent so I do not employ anybody else as standard, But if, for instance, you’d like the groomsmen ‘getting ready’ photos as well and they are over 15 mins away, I can employ a second photographer to cover it for about £100/hour. Having a second photographer through the day will increase the amount of photos you receive but, in my experience, a second photographer will not necessarily mean a better set of photos. I can be in and amongst a whole wedding party quite easily and capture many photos of your guests through out the day.

What is Guest Wishes!?

Guest Wishes! is a contemporary alternative to the wedding guest book. At the wedding breakfast I collect hand written message from your guests, take a quick snap of them and put it all together in a polaroid style. They can have a personal design and even go into you album. For more info click here.

Do you do pre-wedding shoots?

Yes. They are for half a day or less and can be done in a location of your choice. You’ll get a set of online photos, usually an edited set of around 40, which you can have in high resolution as well. For more info click here

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes. My typical package means I’ll be with you for three days with the third day being the wedding day and I’ll travel on the day prior to those and the day after the wedding. As well as three days of photography you’ll be able to offer your guests that go with you their own photoshoot and as part of the package I’ll photograph your party back the UK if you’re having one. There are lots of extras you get with a destination package, so please click here for more info.

Are you insured?

Yes. I am fully insured and have public liability insurance. Venues often ask for my certificate, which I’m happy to send to them.