Picking the colour palette for your wedding is one of the fun jobs…usually.  But it isn’t always simple. There are quite a few considerations …dress, suits, flowers, room dressing to name but a few..but there is help out there to navigate the choices. Below are a few hints, 5 sample palettes and 5 weddings that I’ve shot to see how your day can beautifully styled around your choices. At the bottom of the post there’s a palette generator, too.


Your first consideration is probably going to be the season. Often couples choose lighter palettes in the warmer months and darker jewel tones in Autumn and Winter. This isn’t set in stone,  you don’t have to have to have yellows and purples in Spring but when flowers are in season they will be cheaper. You can break the rules though, pastels can work in winter and rich colours in summer. Your colour choice can set the atmosphere for the day..if you are going for drama you might pick crimson accented with olive. If you are open about which types of flower you would like and just decide on the colour you have more options.

Antique pink roses, blousy peonies or blush ranunculus all have a beautiful vintage romance but will be available at different times of the year and vary in price.


Pinterest is your friend. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Every beautiful colour palette that has ever been dreamt up is on Pinterest already. You can start with just one colour; for instance if you know you want the bridesmaid in …eg rose and discover dozens of colour combinations that will complement the dresses and look beautifully sophisticated. Other sources of inspiration are wedding fairs, magazines even interior design. Your venue may have a beautiful chandelier that makes you think of silver and sage green or dark panelled walls that look beautiful with shades of plum.

Nadia and Andy picked rich berry shades such as mulberry and indigo paired with paler hues such as cream and pale pink to complement the medieval interior of Peckforton Castle.

Don’t Over Think

Some colours are easy…navy for instance  works well in so many different combinations…dusty blue and burgundy, emerald greens and whites, lilacs, peach…I could go on. If you are lacking in confidence talk to your suppliers..they are full if information and tips. Lastly not everything needs to match. Think in terms of mood and texture as well as colour. Maybe you want an industrial chic feel or bohemian artist vibe. The mood and level of formality you want to create is important too.

5 Sample Palettes

Here are 5 different palettes for some inspiration.

  1. Drawn from a chic Parisian theme these colours are elegant and sophisticated.

2. These Spring shades have a bright and fresh vibe and make the most of seasonal flowers.

3. With Navy popular for the groomsmen this palette is rich throughout. The deep pink perfect for the bridal party.

4. Shades of green paired with white or cream make for an exquisite, crisp palette that looks stunning.

5.This palette of hot colours creates a lush atmosphere and is wonderfully bright and joyful.

5 Of My Weddings

I’ve picked five weddings that I’ve done for you to see how colour can enhance the feel and influence the style of a couples’ photos. A lot of photography is filtered for the sake of it without thought. Colour themes and palettes are about the couples’ choice so styling should subtly dictate the look without compromising the natural feel and energy of the story of the day. If you click on anyone of these it will take you to the fuller edit to see for yourself.

Maggie & Mike

A Viking wedding in deep winter. The rustic Samlesbury Hall was the perfect backdrop and the colour palette of lavender, emerald and sage greens, biscuit and creams evoked a wild beauty. The textures in the clothes, flowers and setting gave this wedding stunning authenticity and originality. 

Freddie & Lee

Freddie and Lee chose a youthful tropical colour feel for their outdoor wedding. Citrus, hot pinks and shades of lime created a sensational energy on this beautiful day.

Sophie & Lawrence

Sophie and Lawrence married in December in the Yorkshire Dales. The muted pinks, blues and greys have a timeless, romantic quality that complement the setting and the season.

Lorna & Paul

The rich colours of Autumn were used to create Lorna and Paul’s wonderfully warm wedding in Sandhole Oak barn. Rich jewel like tones complemented the groomsmen’s vibrant blue suits to create a classic autumnal feel.

Nadia & Andy

Very deep berry shades of wine and blackberry accented with subtle shades of blush, olive and cream create a sumptuous palette for Nadia and Andy’s castle wedding. The dramatic contrast between the pale dress and the dark lipstick and flowers create a mood which perfectly fits with the imposing interior of the venue.

Try This Palette Generator!

If you like to start with a single colour, or maybe two colours, and then want to match your other colours around those then you can use this very cool colour generator. It gives you palettes of five colours that you can individually and progressively lock. You can change the hue, brightness and warmth of the whole palette as well.

If you’d like to share your ideas about palette or have any questions about what options there are just get in touch via my contact page. I’d love to help.