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Winning an award is, without question, winning the chance to shoot your wedding – your story. There is nothing more exciting, no higher buzz than someone saying, “Let’s do it; we’d love you to be our photographer!”. The anticipation, the unique way in which you plan your day, your venue and the whole backdrop of your families and friends coming together fires me up. Your day will be wonderfully unique and awards distinguish unique, not generic, work. I love working hard to produce truly award winning wedding photography for all of my couples. In the last two years I have received 39 international awards of which I am very proud and I’d be more than proud to shoot your story!

A wedding guest falls over trying to eagerly catch the bridal bouquet

On your wedding day I’m always on my toes; always looking, anticipating and trying to see or wait for the shot that will best express the story of the scene on front of me for you. Many of those scenes are sub plots that you do not see on the day, so it’s important for me to get them for you. Being kept on my toes and always in that state of anticipation is a similar state when part of wedding photography bodies such as Fearless Photographers, This is Reportage, Masters of Wedding Photography and Photographers Keeping it Real. 

These bodies are made up of communities of the best photographers in the world, producing the most amazing work and I am honoured to be part of these. Seeing and soaking up this work, talking to other photographers and learning of the practices on the cutting edge of their trade enthuses me to make my work better and better; a constant state of trying to find the best angles and anticipate those moments that will be so, so important to you.

There are award winning shots in all weddings that I shoot. They are simply those that my couples find important to them. I send those that I am especially proud of every other month to independent judging panels within those organisations to which I belong. After some 12,000 are judged the top 1% are awarded. If I have been awarded it is a wonderful testament and a thank you to those couples that allowed me the chance to shoot their day. And so we go again.

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I’m always striving to produce my best work with every wedding I shoot. Take a look at my Instagram to see more of my award winning photography style.

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