I’m chuffed to have another international award for my work! For the last 10 years Fearless Photographers have been regarded as the home community of the best photographers in the world. Designed to bring together “amazing photographers for couples who truly love photography” I was honoured to have my portfolio accepted and be part of their community. Each month some 12,000 of photos from those 3000 amazing photographers are presented to a very discerning panel of judges. Only 100 or so are given a Fearless Award for their work and I was one this month. Yeesssss!!

Step forward (literally) Colin Pilkington – the star of the photo. Colin is the Grandfather or Darren (& Natalie) and our paths met at Abbey House Hotel in the Summer of ’21. What a lovely guy. We chatted cameras and it was clear he loved his photography. Well, my approach is quite a natural, documentary style. I love to be amongst people to capture those genuinely real moments. Colin did that with aplomb! He also managed to pull off the best stoop – his unique ‘approach’ most likely achieving a champion angle. Maybe I’ll catch up with Colin one of these days and see that photo – at least get an insight into “The Pilkington Posture”.

Being part of someone’s day is so important to me. Letting the ‘Colins’ of the wedding guest world do their thing and being part of a story of the day is something that I let run through my work and I can’t wait to tell the next story and meet the next Colin…