Guest Wishes: An alternative guest book idea!

The Modern Day Guest Book

My signature Guest Wishes is a fantastic alternative Guest Book idea that celebrates your relationship with family and friends in a different way to a traditional guest book. You’ve had brilliant, priceless times with your friends and family, and I like to capture your guests in the moment so you’ll get a truly unique message from them! I’ll collect a hand written message from your guests, taking a quick snap of them and put it all together in a polaroid style.

When I used to go to weddings you’d never know what to say in a Guest Book. Everyone would write the same as the person before. There had to be better! We have much richer relationships with the individuals we know and love, especially those you have at your wedding, so I wanted to make this more personal. I love creativity, too, and love all things photography including old prints and polaroids and so… Guest Wishes was born!

You may have a Photo Booth or the like but this way I get to delve a little deeper into what makes you, your friends and family tick. Everyone loves to say congrats but there’s a little more to say when it comes to your nearest and dearest.

At the wedding breakfast I visit the tables and ask your guests to write their message to you with a little help and encouragement, of course! We then get the perfect picture to go with that message; the visual testimony to that thing between you and them.

When you get your photos you get your Guest Wishes! We can even create a themed design for them and have them arrange on a poster or canvas. The creative world is our oyster. If you’re looking for an alternative guest book idea, this is a fantastic way to make it truly personal to you.

What will you friends and family say about you!?


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